img_2260Kid’s☆garden Kahala provides children with high quality, originally written and produced curriculum based on current early childhood educational research and best practice standards. Our curriculum is rooted in the belief that children learn best when they are engaged through their own curiosity, inquiry, and wonder; when they are given the chance to discover further knowledge and answer their own questions through hands-on experiences; and when they are then given time to reflect on what they have discovered.

All children will be assessed developmentally throughout the year using a developmental checklist and anecdotal evidence based on the Hawaii Early Learning and Development Standards (HELDS). Through the use of photographs and writing, this documentation will be gathered and compiled in individual Portfolios for each child. Parent/Teacher conferences will be held twice a year as well, ensuring that the information gathered about your child is accessible, shared openly and updated, and that by year’s end your family has a developmental Portfolio to take home as a record of your child’s time with us.img_3366

Outside of our daily curriculum, Kid’s☆garden Kahala will provide many opportunities for
the children to experience the immediate neighborhood; cultural events and activities; and local businesses and landscapes on walking trips and field trips. We welcome parent involvement through classroom visits as Special Guests who share individual talents or interests, and as chaperones on field trips.

Children will also have year-round exposure to Japanese culture through cultural exchange students, visiting from our sister sites in Chiba, Japan, and through our bilingual Japanese Curriculum teacher and other bilingual staff.